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What is Refresh Rate in Smartphone?

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The Refresh Rate of a Display Rates at which a display refreshes itself to show you the next frame. These are measured in Hertz (HZ), and the number refers to show how many times per seconds a screen is able to draw a new image.

The refersh rate counts the number of times the Display fully refreshes every seconds it is on. A 60Hz Display refreshers 60 times per second, 90Hz is 90 times per second, 120Hz is 120 times per second and so on.

What does 60Hz, 90Hz and 120Hz mean in Smartphone?

Higher Refresh rate make Display make moving content look and feel smoother and snappier. Even swipping through your emails interating with instagram UI than look a little smoother than standard 60Hz rate. Although, there are more meaningful benefits to be found in fast motion content, such as video and gaming.

This image shows the different-different refresh rate in mobile

However, lots of videos content play backs at the industry standard 24 frames per seconds or 24Hz. As Display processing needs to adapt the frame rate to the content or upscale the content to the frame rate. 120Hz are great because they playback content at 60Hz, 30Hz and 24Hz with even frame division. Other Refresh rate require processing when scaling 24Hz video.

Higher Refresh Rate makes a big difference when it comes to gaming and many other top apps. Higher frame rates and faster Phone Display response time can have a great impact because visual latency is lower and gameplay appear smoother.

However, higher frame rate gaming requires fast-processor too. This ensure that the graphic frame rates keep up with the high display refresh rate too.

Is 120Hz Refresh rate better than 60Hz?

Not necessary-It should be, you’ll notice a difference in media and games. If the content you’re consuming is a high fps to take advantage of the that.

If you’ve got a 120Hz screen but you are playing a 60fps game, there will be a little benefit to having a higher refresh rate screen. But it is a small part of mobile display specifications. Ultimately, aspect like color gamut, white point, color temperature and resolution an equally large impact on the quality of the phone screen.

The fastest phone display currently have refresh rate of 144Hz. These include Asus ROG5, Motorala Edge, and the Xiaomi Black Shark 4.

There are many difference Smartphone Brand who manufacture. 120Hz refresh rate phone include Huawei P50 pro, One plus 9 and 9pro, Oppo Find X3 and X3 pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21 series.

Does Higher Refresh Rate Consume More Battery?

It is a factor that led to drain your Smartphone Battery. But just by looking at this we cannnot judge the how fast battery would be drain. But keeping all other parameters constant, then it is obvious that a higher refresh rate panel cause battery drain.

There are very limited number of Device with that kind of 120Hz refresh rate this is generally in a premium devices. Which means they are generally equiped with high performing Phone Processor and 5G modems. Which all adds to battery drain. But at the same time, they also have a fast Phone Charger who charge the phone in 40 minutes.

But they also implement some kind of some kind of fast refresh rates adjustment, so they are not always operating at high refresh rates, which will save the Battery.

So, I would say that, do not worry much about the Battery life on the phones that have this kind of Display.

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