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What is Phone Storage?

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When choosing a new phone, the amount of internal storage is one of the key factor which influences the decision to buy a new phone over another. But exactly how much to be promised 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB is actually available to use varies between devices.

There was heated discussion surrounding the 16GB version of the phone storage when it was discovered that as much as 8Gb of that figure was already used by the Operating system (OS) and other pre installed applications. So that phone be sold as an 8GB phone.

How does a Phone Storage work?

Phone storage it is also known as ROM (Read Only Memory) is a form of Data storage. This type of memory keeps the saved data even if the device power is off. It equals the Hard Disk in a computer storing various files including videos, apps, songs, photos and system software, etc. At present most smartphone are equiped with 64GB, 128GB, 256GB & 512GB large memory.

How to Expand Phone Storage in your Phone?

Running out of storage of your phone is always a drag, suddendly you can’t download new files, installed new apps and everything kind of grind to halt.

The best way to get more space to uninstall the unwanted app that you are not using. Large Apps and Videos like Games and Movies take hundread of megabytes (MB) and sometimes even gigabytes (GB) of space. Unistall the apps that you don’t use often and you can always reinstall the app later if you need it again.

Add a Micro SD Card

If your device support a micro SD card then adding a micro SD card. It is one of the best way to adding more phone storage space cheaply. You can purchase a micro SD card for less than ₹1000. Giving you additional storage for videos, apps and so on.

This image shows the micro sd card of the phone

But not all the phone support micro SD card facility to add external memory. For example the iphone has never given users the ability to add additional storage by using an SD card, or neither have OnePlus Devices.

Use Cloud Storage

To overcome the problem of phone storage space several Smartphone Brand are sold cloud storage accounts. This could be 10GB, 20GB or even 50GB. This is nice but you should be kept in mind that not all data and files can be saved to cloud storage. You will unable to access file stored in cloud if you do not have Wi-Fi or mobile signal/data connection.

This image shows the cloud storage of the phone.

Use C Cleaner

C Cleaner is the app that remove old, unused files from your smartphone to save space. These files are mostly old cached data from apps that you are not using any more. Running of this App is very simple and after a few minutes you can reclaim gigabytes of space.

This image shows the clean files app of an smartphone

Purchase a New Phone

If none of these option work for you, your only remaining choices to purchase a new phone with large capacity of phone storage. This can be little expensive, there are number of smartphone available to buy in the market.

How much Phone Storage is enough for smartphone?

The most casual smartphone user 64GB is enough, although many user prefer to choose between 128GB and 256GB. Those who use their mobile phone to the absolute maximum should consider phone with storage of 512GB or 1TB. To avoid running storage sapce and suffering with a slow speed.

Most of the smartphone users considered 128GB storage option because when you calculate your usuage you will need to leave enough space for additional files and software updates. So, a 128GB smartphone can store.

  • 900+ Photos
  • 60 Minutes of UHD videos
  • 1000+ Songs
  • 100+ Apps & Games
  • 20+ Movies

Which is enough for Decent Users.

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