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What is Mobile Operating System(OS)?

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A Mobile Operating System is an operating system that helps to run applications to mobile devices. It is a kind of software as the computer operating system like windows and linux. But they are light and simple to some extent.

A mobile operating system allows the user to run different application software on mobile, tablets etc. It is type operating system which is specially designed for mobile, tablets, smartwatches etc. It handles all the interaction between the software and the hardware.

What are the Different Types of Mobile Operating System?

Android Operating System:

The Android Operating System is the most poular operating system today. Most Smartphone Brand used Google OS based on Linux Kernal and open source-software. This OS was developed by Google and the First Android device was Developed by Google.

It is an open source operating system which means any software can develop new programs as they want and will work on any unlock hardware. This made the Android the fastest growing smartphone operating system in the market.

This photo indicate the google operating system

Google has picked quirky name for the various version of its software. The latest Android version is called Android 12.

Google gives unlimited access to anyone who want develop apps for the phone with very less restriction on its licensing. So that user benefit lots of free content.

Windows Operating System:

The window operating system is a smartphone OS that was Developed by Microsoft. It was designed for the computer and smartphones. The most recent version of the microsoft mobile OS provided by a partnership between Microsoft and Nokia found in Lumia range of smartphone.

This photo indicate the microsoft operating system

However, Microsoft has struggle to break into the smartphone market with a convicing product. After the partnership with Nokia in 2010 who had also been strugling in the smartphone market after having successful dominated in the yearly years. They seems to made a good partnership with Microsoft developing mobile operating platforms and Nokia producing high quality premium smartphones with it’s lumia range.

Nokia also has it’s super mapping system which user get free and it one of the best GPS navigation system in that time. Recently the two companies have merged cementing their long term future together.

Apple IOS:

The IOS was developed by the Apple inc for the use on its device. The IOS system is one of the most popular mobile operating system today. It is the very secure operating system. The IOS OS is not available for any other smartphone devices.

The first version of IOS was released in June 2007, when ipone debut in the smartphone market. iphone Operating system is a Unix derived operating system powering all Apple’s mobile Devices.

This photo indicate the ios operating system

It respond the user’s touch allowing you to tap on screen to open a program, pinch your finger together to minimise an image, or swipe your finger across the screen to change pages.

It comes with the safari web browser for internet use, an ipod for playing music and Apple mail for managing emails. Apple products have very strong brand following, they tend to be most expensive but are to be very well designed.

What are the Important Features of Mobile Operating System?

Android OS System

Near Field Comminacation System(NFC):

Most Android device support NFC which allows user to make secure transaction, exchange digital content, an connect electronic device with a touch. NFC transmission are the short range and require the devices to be close proximity.

NFC is the technology in the contactless card, and the most common use of NFC technology in smartphone is making payment easy. It can also be used to quickly connect with wireless devices and transfer data with Android beam.

Alternate Keyboard:

Android support multiple keyboard and make them easy to install like swiktkey, skype and various other top application offer way to quickly change up keyboard style. Other mobile operating system don’t permit extra keyboard at all, or the process to install and use them are time consuming.

Infrared Transmission:

The Android system support built in frared transmitter, allowing you to use your phone as a remote controller.

Storage and Battery Swap:

Android phone have unique hardware capabilities. Google Operating System make it possible to remove your Smartphone Battery and replace one no longer to hold the charge. In addition, android phone come with great Phone Storage capacity and support SD Card for expandable storage.

Custom ROM:

Android OS is the open source developer, can tweak the current OS and built their own version which user can download and install it in place of stock. Some are filled with feature and other change the look and feel device.

Apple IOS

Dark Mode:

Dark mode is one of the noticiable ios feature was seemingly inevitable. It is light or dark color scheme that saves battery, is aestletically pleasing and its potential easire on the eyes, is currently in vongue.

Siri Improvement:

Siri is a function that took you directly to a certain part of an app. whenever you say a keyphrace. Apple has reportedly expands its siri team then and its voive assistant while lagging behind alexa and google assisant in term of its capabilities has been updated for 2019. For IOS 13 there is too many shortcut while include suggestion based on your habits.

Smarter Photo app:

Photo gets Portrait lighting control designed to smooth screen, brighhten eyes and photo editing has a new slider for highlight shadow and contract. The bigger update is that these type of effects are available via vide editing, noice reduction and more.

Microsoft OS


The most enticing feature found in window phone is cortana.It is a voice similar to Siri with the ability to show weather condition based upon your current location provide news headlines and reminds you dates or meeting.

Camera App:

The camera app in windows phone has offer quick access in camera setting on the left side of the sceen and camera, burst mode, video button, along the right side. These button setting can also be reconfigured to suite the need of the aspiring photographer.

Notification Center:

The windows phone equipped with an intuitive notification center, giving to acces to your notification such as calls and text messages and more. Notification center can provide quick access to setting along with the ability to toggle and variety of connection option such as Bluetooth, Airplane Mode and more. You can also personalize the notification center in order to in order to receive specific alerts from individual applications.

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