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What is Apple Car Play ?

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Apple Car Play is the smarter and safer way to use your iphone in the car. Allowing you to stay forced on the road. When you connect iphone to car play, you can get turn by turn direction, send and receive messages listen music and more.

These image shows the how apple car play looks.

With IOS 13 or later car play increases conviences and reduces distraction by putting commonly used apps that would be necessary and useful while driving on your car’s infotainment system. By doing so Apple play minimise the need to actually handle your iphone while driving.

How Apple Car Play Works?

With, Apple Car Play you can easily access stripped down for supported app on your iphone. It makes easy to navigate, respond to messages, listen to music and get information.

Car Play is to make safer to use your device while driving, so it relocates control to the car’s display which work best when it’s a touchscreen though cars with separate control that operate touchless display also support a Carplay. You can also control the system using Siri by pressing a designated button on the sterring wheel.

How To Set up Apple Car Play?

  • Start your car then make sure your Siri is ON.
  • Connect your iphone to your Car. If your car supports Car Play with the USB cable , plug your iphone into the USB port in your car. The USB port might be labeled with a CarPlay icon.
  • If your car support wireless car play, press and hold the voice command button on your sterring wheel. Make sure your sterio is in wireless or Bluetooth mode. Then go to your iphone setting > General > Carplay and select your car. Check you car manual for more information.
This image shows the how apple car play connect.

Which Cars offers Apple Car Play?

Almost every car manufacturer offer apple car play on some of its vehicles. You’ll mostly find carplay present in vehicle from 2016 and newer.

With hundread of model supported there are too many list here. Take a look of Apple Car Play compatibility page to see if cars supported. In case, if you planning to purchase a new vehicle make sure to check information on the specific trim and confirm it support car play.

Can I add Car Play in my Current Vehicle?

If your car doesn’t support car play, you can purchase a aftermarket head unit that include the feature like Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Panasonic and Pioneer and various other brand currently produce head units that are compaitable with these features.

What are the features of Apple Car Play?

Use Of Siri

Siri, is the voice assisant appear feature come in the iphone or ipad. You can tell Siri to send or read an audio message to someone else so that you don’t have your peak your phone. Just Say “Hey Siri” send an audio message to person name. And record the audio message, after you finish speaking, you can review, change and send the message.

More Detailed Map

Most driver use car play for Driving Direction so Apple has improve up it’s maps to deliver more information. You can seen more details like Spped limit, Direction and Estimate Arrival Time (ETA). With IOS 13 or higher you can seen additional details such as 3D, restaurants and fuel station etc.

Music App Improvement

With IOS 13 or higher the music app is easier on the eyes. Album art is larger and more pervasive so you can more readily an album visually. Navigating your album and playlist is quicker and simple process. You can see your album right side of the screen and use the touch control for playing music.

Better Setting

Car Play offer dedicate Setting App which you can tweak different option. You can turn Do Not Disturb While Driving, Siri Suggestion, Album Art on and off. Car Play also swith between dark mode and the defaulat light mode theme.

Riding Safely with Apple Car Play?

Apple car play is a straightforward and offers a great way to interact with your iphone in the car. Simply plug and use driving friendly apps with easy voice controls. As it grow to support more apps and add further convenient features, car play will even become better day by day.

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