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What is Android Auto?

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Android Auto it is also known as Android Car Play. It is a system developed by Google that allow your car’s infotainment screen to display contnet of of your mobile phone. This is only for Android Devices. It allows driver to use common features of their phone, includes making calls, listening music and using navigating software.

Once a user’s Android device is connected to the car using a USB cable the head unit will serve as an external display of the Android Device presenting supported software in a car specific user interface provided by the Android Car Play.

This image shows that the different app working in Android Auto

It also includes voice controls feature, that allowing drivers to speak commands or dictate messages.

Function of Android Car Play is an standalone app, it’s built with touchscreen or car radios in mind, which means that you can use other Top Apps along include Spotify,, Skype etc.

How to Setup Android Auto?

Connecting a smartphone to the infotainment in a car with Android Car Play is easy. First, of all your smartphone version of an operating system will be version 5 and 12. The mobile also need to have Android Auto installed, and the car radio or infotainment system need to be compaitable with Android Auto.

1)First of all, Check your phone’s internet connection. It need a strong Wi-Fi or Mobile Signal/Data connection.

2)Turn ON the vehicle and turn ON the phone.

3)Connect your smartphone to the vehicle infortainment system via USB Cable.

4)Review and accept the safety notice and Terms & Condition for using Androids Auto.

4)Follow ON screen on your prompts on your phone. If you haven’t up Android Car Play before, give the App access to various permisions.

5)Select the Android App on the Display of your car infotainment system and follow the on-screen prompts.

After completing this process you can plug your phone via USB to activate Android Car Play any time you want.

Which Cars Support Android Auto?

Some Car manufactures have used Android Auto( they prefer that you use their own brand) but that not to say the number of manufacturers that have impleted Android Car Play is insignificant. If you are in the market for a new 2017 car models Android Car Play feature it will already have. Or atleast it will available to an option to an additional price.

Can Android Car Play setup in Older Car?

Yes, you can add Android Auto and Apple Car Play feature to the an older car that doesn’t have its own infotainment system by purchasing an aftermarket head unit display. Panasonic and Pioneer and various other brands currently produce head units that are compaitable with Android Auto.

Bluetooth is Necessary For Android Auto connection?

Android Auto in a car it is possible in two different ways wired and wirelessy, all depending upon the head unit that is installed in the vehicle.

The wireless connection is one of that’s most convient feature, as the car automatically detect tour phone device. So you don’t have to keep any cables around.

On the other hand, many prefered wire connection because Android auto is running on the car’s display, the phone is auto recharged. So you get an extra charge whenever you connect the device.

But Bluetooth is still Required for Android Auto. Because Android Car Play on your car’s screen using USB cable, the device still to be paired with the vehicle’s head unit via Bluetooth as well.

Because Technically , Bluetooth lacks the necessary bandthwidth to offer both Audio and Video for Android Auto. So Google was restrict the Bluetooth phone calls via Hands free protocols also called HSP. So despite most of the Android Car Play running through the cable, the Bluetooth is used for phone calls.

All head’s unit installed in a car must support over USB because Android Auto sends the music audio over USB. At the same time phone call audio is sent over Bluetooth. The difference between the two is made by the Audio quality. The music that Android Auto sends to the HU features a higher quality typically a CD quality, so it need more Bandwidth to work properly.

The major drawback is that having Android Auto having on the car screen no other device can connect to Bluetooth, even it’s technically system runs over USB. And there is no way to disable phone calls via Bluetooth to leave it open for other device.


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