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What is a Phone Processor and what does it do?

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Phone Processor it is an essential part of your phone. Who will perform all those calculation for you. It is also known as chipset, it’s a component that controls everything going on in your smartphone and ensures that it functions correctly.

It’s a Brain of your smartphone. Every action you perform on your smartphone goes straight to the processor. These action are converted to visual changes on your screen, and all of this happens in a split second.

How does a Phone Processor work?

Smartphone Processors works to run the devices. The more Powerful the processor of your smartphone generally it runs faster and to perform heavier task easily. There are numbers of factors that determine how good mobile processors are.

For eg. How powerful and fast they are, it is based on what features they support like camera, specification, Mobile signal standards, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more.

Phone Processor and Cores?

A Mobile Processor can have multiple cores which are called Dual, Quad, Hexa and Octa Core. But ‘But what are these Cores on your Phone‘?

The Phone processor cores distribute and channelize the tasks that come to do it while you use your smartphone. One core in a processor can perform certain instruction at a time while having multiple cores the instruction assign to the next core of the processor to be completed.

The result lesser time taken by your smartphone performing a work. That’s why Multicore processor smartphones are compartatively faster and functions smoothly.

A Single-Core Processor has only one actual central processing unit (CPU). This is called a core.

A Dual-Core Processor is a single computing component with two independent actual central processing units (cores).

A Quad Core Processor is a single computing component with four independent actual central processing units (cores).

A Octa Core Processor is a single computing componenet with eight independent actual central processing units (cores)

Similarly, Hexa Core consists of a Quad-Core+Dual-Core Processor.

This image showing the processor in various different cores.

List of Phone Processor (SOC’s) Manufacturing for Android Phones:

1) Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor was founded in 2007. It is known for its high tech performance SoC chip processor and LTE modems. The reason to be the most popular phone processor is hidden in their quality, where it provides a plethora of sensors, high performanc GPU and smooth performance.

The Snapdragon chips are using the ARM Cortex CPU with high-powered Kyro cores in their SoC’s. These processor have powerful Adreno GPU. Therefore, the performance of these processor is excellent and best for gaming also. Snapdragon Processors are the best prosessors in the Android Category.

This image shows the phone processor manufacturer Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Here is the Different Generation Snapdragon Processor:

200 Series Family: It’s specially Designed for Low Budget Smartphone to give Better performance and powerful connectiviy with better battery life.

400 Series Family: It’s specially Designed for Mid Range Budget Smartphone (range between 12000-15000). It is the first 64 bit mobile SoC to use. It’s having more advance updates to Maintain high performance.

600 Series Family: It’s Designed to give high performance apps for high graphics apps and games, it will also improve fast web browsing and better connectivity between smartphones.

700 Series Family: It’s come to play the Balanced role in the smartphone, 700 series processor comes with High tech performance and Extra battery efficiency with AI performance with see in devices.

800 Series Family: It’s specially designed to Give super-fast Heavy and Top Apps performance and browsing. It has high-class graphic GPU, Multimedia battery and support Fast Charger that makes it for the flagship smartphones.

2) MediaTek

It’s Founded in 1977 with the mission of providing premium technology to mid-range smartphone,it is a chinese semiconductor company that gives high performance chips in devices in decent price.

This image shows the phone processor manufacturer MediaTek.

Media Tek is a huge popular chipset company that provide new high tech processor to mobile. They recently started their new series for the gaming smartphone at the mid range price category.

It’s also launched their new 5G series on Dimensity Named Chips they are a very good at performance. Mediatek provide best value-for-money Smartphone processor in the market.

Here are the Different Generation for MediaTek Helio Processor:

Helio A Series: This is the series that specially designed for Mid-Range-Smartphone to provide a great camera, better enhancements, good power efficiency with a reasonable price range. User who needs a good specification helio A series easily fulfill all that requirements.

Helio P Series: This is the series where MediaTek offer better Smartphone Battery efficiency without compromising with high tech performance. This processor mainly for slim design smartphones to provide a better user experience.

Helio X Series: This is the series specially focused on optimizing the systems-on-chip for battery efficiency without compromising on performance and user experience. This processor is mainly design for slim smartphones.

Helio X Series: This processor comes to budget in the market, with its super high performance with tons of new update features that improve the Quality of your Smartphone camera, Display, Gaming, Refresh Rate and much more.

Helio G Series: This processor highly focused for gaming, that provide high performance with better FPS. G Series comes with high end smartphone to make a premium device with ultimate user experience in terms Phone Display, sound like Best Phone Speaker, Performance, etc.

Dimensity 5G Series: This is the new and fast processor, that has the capability for 5G. This processor mainly comes in flagship device to provide ultimate user experience.

3) Exynos Processor

Exynos processor is manufactured by Samsung which is exclusively used in samsung smartphones. It is an octa core chipset and used the ARM Mali Graphics processor.

Exynos processor provide high tech performance in smartphone and that leads Samsung the most popular device all over the world.

This Processor is made for mid-range as well as flagship smartphone. Samsung updated her processor every year for Gaining better performance.

This image shows the phone processor manufacturer SAMSUNG Exynos.

Here are Different Generation for Exynos Processor

Exynos 7 Series: This processor is mainly used for mid range smartphones to give superior performance in all Mid-Range Samsung devices. Which provide a ultimate user experience and a great Samsung User Interface (UI) One UI.

Exynos 8 Series: This is a new tech chipset of Octa Core with high tech performance that can be able to provide display upto 4kUHD. This processor is made for an above mid-range smartphone to make it ultra fast.

Exynos 9 Series: This processor comes with High-end Flagship devices of samsung to provide ultimate performance with tons of new features comes with Upto 16GB of RAM. All the new GPU, CPU and the best semi-conductor technology.

4) Kirin Processor

Kirin Processor are seen in Huawei and Honor mobile and they manufactured their own SOC’s named kirin . This processor is developed by Hisilicon company that caters new high-tech chipset in the market.

This image shows the Phone processor manufacturer huawei kirin.

Kirin is mainly focused to provide high performance & great display quality in mid-range smartphone. Kirin is also the most powerful and best semiconductor tech to provide the best performance.

Here are Different Generation for kirin Processor:

Kirin 600 Series: This processor is mainly made for the mid-range and low-end devices of Huawei and Honor, to meet the perfect shape of any casual user of the device.

Kirin 700 Series: This processor is made for above mid-range smartphones. It’s able to give great performance for multitasking, gaming & browsing.

Kirin 800 Series: This is the second powerful processor in the kirin series of processor, it has better CPU & semiconductor technology that makes it high tech performance chipset.

Kirin 900 Series: This processor is only made for high tech flagship smartphones for huawei & honor, it comes with great GPU & CPU performance with 5G technology.

How to choose a Phone with the right processor?

Even with all the information above, picking processor can be difficult. After all it’s not easy to quantify their usuage and compare with the number of cores speed (GHz), communicated by the company. If that’s too confusing for you, then you can simply go about choosing a mobile processor based on brand and the series of chipsets defined by them.

There are only a few companies that make smartphone processors, out of which there are two who really need focus on; Qualcomm & MediaTek. Other Smartphone Brand like Samsung & Huawei also make processor but they generally used their own Devices.

Qualcomm is more popular, because their processor are often used by popular brands lile LG, Motorola, Nokia. On the other hand MediaTek is higher presence with Chinese brands like Oppo, Vivo, MI etc. Both companies have a range of chipset setup across classes.

A good processor is not only the reason to get a new smartphone, but its also helps to be able to determine which one you need. It helps clear out all the clutter and make an informed decision. Above that you know what you’re actually paying for.

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