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What are Megapixels in Smartphone Camera?

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Nowdays, the technology has become so advance that the smartphone camera are getting advance day by day. We hear every day 64 megapixels phone camera, 108 megapixels phone camera. But what is the megapixels? And how does megapixels make our camera better?

A megapixel (MP) is a count of a number of pixels in an image where (mega)-is a prefix that means ‘one-million’. The second part of (pixel) is a combnation of two words_picture & element. So ‘megapixel’ means a million picture elements.

The term ‘megapixels’ refers to the number of tiny picture elements called pixel take up a digital image. A million of pixels are known as megapixels. Therefore a 12MP photo is made up of twelve million pixels. This is known as “resolution”. The more megapixel a smartphone camera has higher, has the higher resolution of the photos it produces.

Pixel refer to the photoside found on a image sensor, that capture light information to produce the image. It is likely that a 12MP image would have been captured on a sensor with twelve million photosites or more.

How many Megapixels is good for Smartphone Camera?

Megapixels Basis:

The numer of megapixels that you need your camera depends on how you plan to use it. In most, cases the 12MP camera will be suffient for making high qualiy digital images.

Although more megapixel in your camera is typically not a bad thing but don’t be fooled by manufactures who pump higher megapixel count as a proof of a superior camera that charge a Higher price.

In most cases, lower megapixels camera will be able to capture Good images that you need.

Average Megapixels: In Phone Camera?

The Smartphone camera where megapixels do not matter that much. However, when marketing many manufacture can Attract more customer by selling them on a camera with more megapixels to their latest smartphone.

These images often remain digital and don’t need high megapixels camera. As most of the picture and videos taken in a smartphone camera will be shared on social media. A camera with basic megapixels should be more than sufficient.

In fact, in high megapixels smartphone you will get the “images & videos too large” for which you will need more Storage and SD card on your smartphone. So sometimes more megapixels can be fructrating.

Average MP for a Smartphone is 12-16 MP

Some smartphone camera have more. For Example: the Samsung S20 has 64MP camera and the S20 Ultra boosts an insane 108 MP Camera. The more camera megapixels is a smartphone can have, the bigger image will be the more phone storage you will need to store it.

Megapixels are not one of a most important features of mobile camera. It’s used for taking photos & videos. The important characteristics of camera are Speed, Frame Rates and Autofocus. And it’s also depends upon which User Operating System (OS) smartphone manufacturer given to you.

Although, Processor also matters for good camera and videos. Camera sends the information to Phone Processor and then it combies the information into the photograph. Moreover processor determines functionality like dual camera support, 4K videos, image processing etc.

Why do some Smartphone Camera have so many Megapixels?

In the recent past years, some smartphone companies padded their cameras with a lot of megapixels so that it would’t degrade the quality of the photo too much when the image was cropped & expanded to fit the frame.

Today, many high-end smartphone cameras have optical zoom and periscope camera that is the reason why we are seeing 5x, 10x, 50x and even 100x zoom capabilities these days on smartphone camera. Although the zooming capabilities also depends on a lot more factors, and a higher megapixel camera is necessary for that.

But to be honest, it’s all marketing tactic. The idea of having tons of megapixels in on their mobile camera is exciting for some people. It gives them something to brag about. Smartphone Brands use that to entice people into buying their product.

This image is showing that the same picture has been captured by capturing different-different magapixels camera and you can clearly see the difference that 12 megapixel photo and 50 megapixels photos have a little or no change in photograph

For example, Iphone have the lowest megapixel count of any smartphone camera out there. But everyone knowns that Apple iphone are considered to be the best in capturing photos and videos.

And this year the launch of the iphone 13, they have a new array of cameras. But still these camera are 12MP and it is one of the best smartphone camera to capture images.

Well it’s also depend upon on the camera sensors used as well as other factors and megapixels is not only the factor. It’s also depends upon the various factors like Phone Display, Refresh Rate and User Interface of your smartphone.

Why do Smartphone have Multiple Camera?

There was a time when mobile phone used to have a single camera. Nowdays, every mobile phones comes with at least a dual setup for rear cameras.

This images is showing you the camera setup which different-different smartphone models may come in different setup. This shows the Dual, Triple & Quad Camera setup

The reason behind smartphone using multiple camera is simple. They have always been competing with DSLR camera & trying to match the quality. However smartphone have a limit on space and size and we cannot change lens according to the situation, unlike DSLR.

Mobile phone camera can never be beat with DSLR sensors as per the current technology.

Reason Behind Smartphone using multiple Cameras

Imagine a smartphone as bulky as like DSLR. It won’t be fit in your palm forgot about the pocket. So what is the solution to match the quality with DSLR?

Smartphone need to be compensate by using multiple camera sensor. They need to use 2-3 cameras to fill the gap. Every camera sensor has a specific reason for existence. They are only when the time demands. Not, all of them are use when you click a picture in normal setting.

Types Of Camera Sensors in a Smartphone

Standard Camera:

This is the primary smartphone camera of your mobile phone with standard specification to capture normal images and shoot videos. It capture the image & videos naturally.

This standard camera is what you use while clicking live images for your social media. Most of the use only this camera for clicking images.

So, if you are regular smartphone user who is not into photography detail. Then this camera is totally fine for you, just make sure that the primary camera with strong enough.

Dept Sensor Camera:

This camera takes photos in portrait mode where a background is just blured. A dept sensor camera used here.

With dept sensor, a camera comes to know the distance between its object and its background. It understand the background and the objects are different, it blurs the background images. This is how you get a highly focused images.

Ultra-Wide Sensor Camera:

The ultra wide angle camera has an even wider angle of view then an standard camera. This type of camera is not as a wide angle camera, particullary as a lone camera.

The focal of an ultra-wide-angle camera is generally from about 12mm to 18mm. this gives you an angle of view upto 120 degrees.

The downside of this camera is that the wider angle view is the more distorted the images will look around the edges. But the good mobile cameras are able to fix the distorted and give you decent result.

Telephoto Sensor Camera:

The telephoto camera helps to zoom in like telescope and capture an images. This was just reference to explain the point.

The telephoto camera can have a focal length of anywhere between 50mm to 85mm. So if the primary camera has 25mm lens and the telephoto has a 52mm lens, the optical zoom factor is 2x.

Because telephoto have a longer focal length than a wide angle lenses, they have a narrow angle of view. This makes the telephoto camera ideal for capturing portrait images.

Macro Sensor Camera:

A macro lens is useful for close up photography where you want to capture small detail of the subject. A macro camera differ from telephoto and periscope cameras that it doesn’t zoom on a differ subject. But it magnifine subject that are close to the camera just like a magnifying galss.

But the specs most smartphone macro camera aren’t impressive as the other camera on the phone. In fact you currently can’t find many, if any phone macro camera above 5MP or above. This has many to believe that macro camera on phone is useless. But that’s not the entirely true. A camera doesn’t need tons of megapixels to take a good photos.

How many Cameras is Best for Smartphone?

Smartphone don’t have multiple camera just for the hell it. Each one is different and serve for a specific purpose. Phone manufacture decide which one is include in their device, according to the budget and space available to the phone.

However, some camera oriented smartphones still working with single or dual camera. For example, an iphone or a Google Pixel. They are still working with a minimum number of cameras unlike chinese smartphone.

Because in the end its all about smartphone processes the images. It’s not about the number of megapixels and the number of cameras. And also lots of apps you can download it which improve the photos quality.

Does Phone Camera Consume More Battery?

If you keep switching multiple app like the camera, the app remain turned on in the background. These app consume more battery and drain your Smartphone Battery life of the phone. And then you have to charge your smartphone frequently. Now,a many manufacturer also provide Fast Charger with smartphone.

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