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How Does A Smartphone Battery Work?

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Smartphone Battery are the small container of chemical energy. When the phone is plugged into the mains, electicity is used to reset a chemical reaction within the battery, transferring electrons from the negative anode to the cathode the positive end of the battery.

Once charged the phone battery can then create electricity by driving electrons through a circuit, in this case a smartphone to the anode and will continue to do until all the electrons contained battery have transfered to the anode or a built-in switch disconnects the battery.

How Smartphone Battery made of ?

Smartphone Battery is rechargeable lithium-ion battery is made of one or more power generating compartments called cells. Each cells has three components: positive electrode (connect to the battery’s positive terminal) and a negative electrode (connect to the battery’s negative terminal). and a chemical called an electrolyte in between them.

The positive electrode is made from a chemical compount called lithium-cobalt oxide(LiCoO2). It is a newer battery made from, lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). The negative electrone is generally made from crabon and the electrolyte it varies from one type of battery to another.

What is mAH in Smartphone Battery?

The term mAH is an abbreviation for “milliampere hour” and it’s way to express the electrical capacity of smaller batteries. Large Batteries like car batteries we usually use ampere hours or Ah. There are 1000 mAh in a single Ah.

This image show the 3000 mAH smartphone battery

Battery life is effectively inversely correlated to how frustrated you will be a phone devices. One of the biggest complaints we hear about a smartphone or other electronic devices is that the battery dies in the middle of the Day. If you want a good handset experience, mAh size is first figure you should look at.

How much mAh Battery is better for Smartphone?

Smartphone have become an important part of our life and it’s very hard to imagine our single day without a smartphone. To ensure that do not run out of the power you need to required smartphone which has decent battery.

For, an average smartphone a battery over 4000mAH is considered to be the Good option.

In addition of the battery capacity you should you look the Phone charger, charging speed of your device. Fast charging is made it easier to charge your device and no longer to leave it pluged overnight.

Does more RAM affect Phone Battery?

You won’t see any noticable change in battery life and you don’t have to worry about it. More RAM is simply that more RAM lie in it but it won’t affect your battery life. You might get performance boost in CPU won’t have to boost frequently required information from Phone Storage and every single time(which consume more power).

What Damages Phone Battery ?

Avoid using your phone while charging. Because the heat geneated by the screen and other components will add up the charging heat and damage your mobile battery.

You can also reduce the number of background apps running in the phone and screen brightness and turn off location service.

Use the charger that came with your phone. Other Smartphone Charger may charge slowly, or might be it Damages your battery or device.

The heat is an enemy of battery. It drains battery faster and damages it’s life. So avoid situation where your device overheat. Battery will drain much faster when it’s hot, even if you’re not using it. Keep in mind that your device warms up when it’s plugged in so try not to keep it charging all the time.

For the best Battery life try keep the battery charge above 50 per cent as much as possible. “Small charges throughout the day are best for the Battery health. Battery lifespan can suffer it’s charge zero to full and then completely drained on regular basis.

What is the time to Replace your Smartphone Battery?

If you are using your smartphone for more than two years you might have noticed that the battery life is just not the same. The lifespan of the battery is typically defined by how many charge cycle it will last. A charge cycle is a peroid where a battery’s whole capacity is used, then it charged back to full.

After 500 charges most lithium-ion-batteries performance charge to degrade regardless how to use the device. It is main reason you should considered mobile phone battery replacement on aging device.

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